"I have been extremely blessed this lifetime to witness many corners of this globe where few only dream to go. Not many from my own motherland can claim to have explored all seven continents and the mighty oceans that embrace them.

Throughout my 20+ years of traveling & living like a nomad, I was shown the kindness of countless other beings who opened their homes and lives to me and made me their family. As a seeker, I have always aspired to find and remain in my higher self, and traveling and witnessing the beauty & suffering of others only fueled to get a better understanding of my inner self. I feel an obligation to make that possible for other people, to facilitate a connection to self... to humanity and most importantly, to our ultimate Mother - this Earth. Because by seeing and understanding our interconnectedness and experiencing a bit of our collective karma, we are better able to progress toward a more resilient tomorrow.

We are but visitors on this planet - and as guests who have reaped so much benefits from this temporary home, we can only aspire to leave her better than we found her. 

Come on an adventure with me, this magical planet awaits your exploration!"

- Wasfia Nazreen



Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal 

Go on an epic Himalayan adventure with Wasfia as she shows you around her second (and most favorite!) home and walks you to the foot of the mighty Everest, highest mountain on the planet. It's a journey everyone should make at least once in a lifetime.