Welcome to WasfiaNazreen.com :)

Yes it took me a decade and half to make a website of my own :) To be frank I am quite done with Mark's Fakebook world, so finally decided to transit out here, in the real world wide web...

Thanks to Zubuyer Kaolin/Ogniroth Studios in Bangladesh for helping me make this, and my PR firm Triple7 in LA & NYC, who's more like my family (hey, you got to trust the 7's! ;)  Thank you both for pushing me to come this far. I will be bringing here all kinds of updates, including my training regimes, vegetarian/vegan recipes & tricks for mountain height endurance, yoga & mental health maintenance, books & music that keep me going, my inspirations and other happenings I don't normally update anywhere else. 

Here's to higher places! 

Big love, 


Sunset run by the Pacific Ocean, image by Wasfia Nazreen